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For Beginners : 10 Common wig mistakes to avoid

So you've decided to join the wig gang *welcome!* but your wig doesn't look as good as you want it to and it isn't giving what its meant to give *sigh*.

Don't stress, we've been there too. The good news is, there's a solution to every mistake. To help you reach your wig goals we've put together 10 common wig mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Mistake 1:  Bulky Braids 

We've put this one at no.1 because a bad, bulky foundation, can really ruin a good wig.
Solution: Small cornrows are the best choice for a flat, even base.

braiding pattern

Mistake 2: Incorrect Wig Cap Size

This is one is sooo important, a badly fitted wig can really cause you unnecessary stress. Too big, and it'll be bulky at the back, too small and it'll forever be sliding back *very annoyiiinnng*

Solution: Ensure you measure the circumference of your head prior to purchasing a wig. The 3 common wig sizes are: Small 21.5” Medium 22.5” Large 23.5”. If you're in between sizes go up to the closest size, never go down.

Mistake 3: Too much or too little hair
Getting the hair density right can be trial and error ( especially if you're buying a wig online), and everyones density preference is different. Too thick and your wig can look very 'wiggy'. Too thin and your wig just won't look right.
Solution: Refer to a density chart like the one we've put together below so you can make the right decision when it comes to density choice.
Cap Size Short 10" - 16" Long 18" - 22"
Small 130% Density or 2 Bundles 180% Density or 3 Bundles
Medium 150% Density or 2.5 Bundles 180% Density or 3 Bundles
Large 150% Density or 2.5 Bundles 180% Density or 3 Bundles


Mistake 4: Placing your wig too far forward

This is another mistake that can make your wig look very 'wiggy' and unnatural.

Solution: Use your natural hairline as reference. Your wig should be placed slightly in front of your hairline. 
Megan Thee Stallion
Wig Mistake 5: Over plucking your hairline
No one wants a sparse, patchy hairline, especially on a new wig, this is not the look. Being slightly heavy handed with tweezing can be a costly mistake. 
Solution: Tweeze in sections, don't go over the same area too many times. If you still manage to over pluck, you can always use one of our 2 repair services which replaces your lace so you have a fresh foundation to start from.
Tweezing hairline
Wig Mistake 6: Over bleaching your knots
Not only can this weaken your knots ( if bleached for too long), it also prevents your wig from looking as natural as it could.
Solution: Make sure your bleach consistency is thick and not runny. Use a spatula to apply bleach evenly. Use a 20 volume developer and leave on for no longer than 45 - 60 mins.
Wig Mistake 7: Cutting your lace in a straight line
This one is a major no no, if your lace line is cut too straight, it runs the risk of making your wig look more like a hair hat than anything else. If you're using regular swiss lace as oppose to HD lace, then this mistake definitely needs avoiding.
Solution: Use a cuticle scissor to cut your lace in a zig zag line.
Wig Mistake 8: Not conditioning or moisturising your hair extensions enough
Human hair extensions are more prone to drying because they no longer have access to sebum, which is secreted by the scalp and is the body's natural way of keep your hair moisturised and healthy. Not conditioning or moisturising your hair extensions enough can lead to excessive dryness, tangling and breaking, and we don't want that.
Solution: Deep condition your extensions every 3 weeks and use a leave-in conditioning spray daily.

Wig Mistake 9: Using Serum or oils to moisturise your extensions
Firstly, serums and oils do not moisturise, only water does this. Heavy serums and oils can weigh your hair extensions down and cause them to look lack movement and look greasy.
Solution: Using a small amount of light serums and oils like argan oil, only when needed.
Wig Mistake 10: Inconsistent and improper wig care
Over a period of time this can lead to damaged hair extension that no longer look or feel the way they use to. Having a good consistent wig care routine is key to longer lasting wigs and hair extensions.
Solution: Consistently using products and tools that specifically cater to wigs and hair extensions.
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