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How Do You Wear a Wig Without Overheating?

Breathable Materials

Worried about your wig making your head feel like a furnace? We'll share some tips that can help keep you cool:
Choose a wig made of breathable materials. Open-wefted or 
"capless" designs provide more air flow to the scalp as opposed to wigs with 100% monofilament or mesh designs.Synthetic wigs also tend to feel cooler than human hair wigs for many people. Some styles are even made with lower density, and less hair = less heat.

Short Styles

If possible, try to go for a shorter style like a pixie or a short bob. Without any hair touching your neck, these chic styles will keep you cooler.
Wear a wig liner underneath your wig. Wigs liners not only hold any biological hair in place, but they also create a barrier between your scalp and the wig which can make it more comfortable to wear. Bamboo and 100% cotton liners are a great option as well as the No Sweat Liner by Headline it, which is a special liner specifically designed to wick away sweat and keep you dry.

Hats & Scarfs

Find some great alternatives to wigs and each comes in two different hair lengths. 
With some careful planning and the right accessories, you can enjoy your new look without having to worry about overheating.
Happy wig-wearing! :)



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