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Tips for Buying the Most Natural Looking Wig

Ready to up your hair game? With thousands of options ranging in both quality and price, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Technical jargon like “monofilament” & “lace front” might make finding the ideal pick feel like a tall order. We’ll share the best tips on how you can find the most natural looking wig without any hassle.

Opt for Human Hair

With real strands that look and feel just like your own, it can be styled just as if you were working on your natural locks! There are different types of human hair too: European is known for its finer texture and is usually the most pricey; Indian has more texture and is not quite as expensive; Chinese, which is thick and straight, is typically offered at the most affordable price point. For a quality human hair wig, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 all the way into the thousands. If human hair doesn’t fit your budget, not to worry; there are plenty of natural synthetic options as well.

Go for a Lace Front

A popular choice for many wig-wearers, lace fronts offer the most natural-looking hairline and allow you to pull your hair away from your face. The only downside is that lace features can be itchy for some.

Choose Hand-Tied & Monofilament Cap Designs

For a look that’s virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair, there's no beating a hand-tied cap! Tying each and every strand of hair into the mesh or “monofilament” base with care makes all the difference for wigs that can be easily parted to mimic real scalp. The time consuming production process means they come with an added expense but your comfort will thank you.

Finishing Touches

Just like natural hair, wigs sometimes need an expert's cut and layering to accentuate the natural shape of your face. So once you've found the ideal addition to your trendsetter wardrobe, have a pro take care of those final details - trust us, it'll be worth every penny!



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