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What is the best wig for beginners?

  • Measuring Hair Loss Area
For a seamless, natural look that you'll love, it's important to find the right match between your hair length and the topper of your choice. But since there isn't one perfect size for everyone, our experts have some helpful tips on selecting lengths in various ranges from short to medium or long – so you can land on just the right fit!

First, measure your area of hair loss, and/or the area the hair topper will cover

  • Measuring  Biological Hair Length
Next, measure your biological hair length, from the crown of your head to the longest layers of your hair. This will give you an idea which hair topper length meets your needs—If your hair measures 8” or less, your length is “short.” If your measurement is between 8.25” to 13” your hair length is “medium.” If your hair measures 13.25” or longer, your hair is “long.”  
  • Finding the Perfect Fit 
Transform your topper into the perfect fit! No matter how long or short your hair may be, a professional stylist can adjust and style it for you. Get creative with cutting and blending techniques that will make sure the topper looks like an extension of your bio-hair. The result? A beautiful customized look!
  • Let us help!
Shopping for a hair topper doesn't have to be guesswork! With our helpful Hair Toppers Product Quiz, you can find the perfect piece for your style and measurements - no more stressing about whether it will fit. 
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